We've Been Busy & What We've Been Up To

Baby…we’re back! 


But really, we never left.

As a team, we've seen some truly tremendous growth over the past year at Modern Love Boudoir. That growth has helped us to have a profound impact on our clients. When we first ventured into boudoir photography, we knew that we would evolve as photographers in so many ways, but the evolution we've seen across the whole team this year has truly taken on a pure beauty of its own. Our work has established us as high-end, editorial trendsetters and, most importantly, afforded us the chance to inspire and influence the ways in which women define their futures with resounding confidence and grace like never before. Who we are, how we perform, and how we challenge ourselves to go further into the depths of every session has been remarkable. While the stunning imagery has been a wonderful byproduct, the time we have spent with our clients has been an unmatched, indescribable priority. It's hard to put into words what our flourishing studio has to offer the world. I will definitely say that it's not just the portraiture alone!


We’ve expanded our team, updated some of the beautiful sets in our San Francisco area studio space, and have created some remarkable memories with our clients. But the one thing that has not changed during all of this is our foundation as women in owning our bodies, our femininity, and our sexuality. 


Everything in the world around us can change and, lately, it has been changing at a wild and insanely fast pace. There have been moments in the news and in our very own backyards that have perpetuated the stigma of shaming women for embracing their unique beauty, for owning (or denying) their sexual experiences, for taking up the space that is required, and often denied, for us to flourish in our lives. 


Despite all of this, it is always up to each of us to defy and deny those stigmas right back. 


Our bodies, our femininity, our sexuality are, and always will be, ours to own.


It feels good to be back, my gorgeous lovers. Real good.

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