An award winning team lead by owner, creative director and international educator Denise Birdsong. We are dedicated to the passionate pursuit of beauty, to making time stand still in our little corner of the world and to showing you how beautifully we see you!


Beauty is not bound by size, shapes or numbers. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are GORGEOUS. All women deserve to be cherished and celebrated. We believe the elegance of being a woman and the intricacies of desire, longing, passion, beauty and love are breathtaking — exquisite things to behold and capture.


Create an environment where you are able to discard all of your insecurities and fears, a safe place to simply be … beautiful. 

Modern Love will provide you with a one of a kind pampering experience that will reaffirm how beautiful you are, build your confidence and empower you to own it!







Not only are we the Bay Area's premier boudoir studio but we are also the nation's premier boudoir studio. Your uniquely crafted experience will take place at our gorgeous 7000 square foot New York Style loft studio. Luxuriously decorated with over 18 beautiful production sets which are each uniquely styled. There are sets which are sexy, dark and moody. Some that are light, whimsical and feminine. We even have one set decorated as a decadent french provincial style apartment and one as a bohemian chic retreat.

Hello, World!


We highly recommend and truly believe that adding hair and makeup to your session is an invaluable investment you are making in yourself! Our trained professionals know and understand the variability of lighting and camera settings as well as how to execute the perfect look that will translate well on camera. It is important to understand that the wrong products, application or color choices (while they may look great for daily use) can negatively affect the final outcome of your session. We have all seen those unfortunate celebrity photos, where they have white powder streaks, ghost face or too much shimmer on skin that make it appear crepe-y. We want you walk into your session knowing that none of these mishaps will take place and our trained professionals will have you looking your very best. Remember, it is not your job to take an amazing photo, it's ours and it starts in the makeup room. We will have you come in 1 hour prior to your shoot and our professional stylist will get you camera ready.



Over the last 7 years our owner and Creative Director, Denise Birdsong, has curated one of the most beautiful wardrobes for boudoir photography. It ranges in size from x-small to 3XL and has something for everyone! She has a flair for editorial and loves to play with juxtapositions of fashion and lingerie to create the most sumptuous and beautifully layered looks. Be it vintage whimsical sheer gowns that are the ultimate in femininity to strong and fierce looks that leave you looking like a serious badass and everything in between. Denise is a master stylist and really has a beautiful eye for design and detail. Follow this link to review a sneak peek of our gorgeous wardrobe offerings.